​​Automatic And Manual Cars

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We would love you to join Orbit School Of Motoring and we would like to play a part in your success. We will endeavour to ensure that you succeed in your aim to become a good, safe,considerate driver and pass the driving test at the first attempt.

We have set out a syllabus that covers the requirements of the DVSA practical test. Time taken to cover and master the routines depends on the ability of individual students. It is up to the students to ensure that they have taken sufficient tuition according to their needs. Students will be guided by their instructors. After you have mastered basic skills and are safe, you can get extra practice with your parents if you so wish.

Orbit school of motoring hire a school car to the students on the day of their test. This service is not automatic. To avail yourselves of this service you must have reached an acceptable standard of driving.

Your standard will be determined by a series of mock tests conducted by your instructor.

Please see the useful links page that contains useful references, materials  and links to government (DVSA) and other websites that will help you learn quicker.


  1. Introduction / prov licence Record  
  2. ADI licence
  3. Eyesight test
  4. Lesson on controls
  5. Safety Checks/ starting engine    
  6. Moving off procedure                           - Uphill                                                         -On level                                                 - Down hill                                   
  7. Clutch control                                                     -Level                                                               -Uphill
  8. Gear Changes                                                   -Up                                                                   -Down
  9. Signals/Timing/Speed    
  10. Use of Mirrors blind spot    
  11. Where  when and why    
  12. T Junctions                                                         -Left side to major                                           -Left major to side                                         -Right side to Major
  13. Right Major to side
  14. Junctions    How far forward    
  15. Turning right - Position out of Narrow road    
  16. Roundabout                                                       -Left                                                                 -Straight                                                           -Right
  17. Cross Roads
  18. Observation Zones
  19. Meeting Vehicles
  20. Position on bends
  21. Overtaking
  22. stationary vehicles
  23. Moving vehicles
  24. Crossing path of vehicles
  25. Changing lanes
  26. Pedestrian Crossings
  27. Anticipating actions of other Road users    
  28. Turn in the road
  29. Rev Corner
  30. Parallel Parking
  31. Emergency stop
  32. Normal Parking
  33. Parking in bays
  34. Pedestrian Crossings
  35. Mock test 1
  36. Mock test 2
  37. Mock test 3
  38. Mock test 4
  39. Mock test 5
  40. Driving Test - how it is conducted
  41. Attitude
  42. Skill
  43. Responsibility
  44. Concentration
  45. Anticipation and Planning
  46. Acknowledging Courtesy